03 Dec 2018

The beauty industry never stands still, and neither do we. At the iiaa we pride ourselves on being at the very forefront of the latest developments and trends. We’re privileged to have an inspirational leadership team who are all experts in their chosen field. Here are their predictions for what you can expect to see in 2019. 


Skin reflects internal wellness, nutrition and health. In 2019 we are going to see an even stronger link between the combination of oral and topical skincare. The message that what you put in your body is as important as what you put on your skin is going to get stronger and wellness, supplements and skincare will merge into the same category – the attainment of healthy, glowing skin.

In addition, due to the enormous political and economic uncertainty we are experiencing there has been a shift towards a more grown up, serious outlook and attitude which favours a focus on health and well- being and away from frivolity. Health and healthy skins are becoming the latest status symbol.


Consumers have ever growing expectations and are placing demands on brands to be transparent and clear. Education is going to become an increasingly important tool in order to gain trust with customers who want to understand exactly what’s in their products, the origin of the ingredients, how the brand fits into their ethos and proof that the product lives up to its claims.

Tracy Tamaris, Co-founder of the iiaa and Director of Education


Understanding the client journey plays a significant role in businesses today and as the landscape becomes increasingly competitive this will become critical in attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. A customer having a treatment or buying a product is only one step of a long journey, created by all the moments leading up to and following the service given and purchase made. Efforts in making this journey a positive one will intensify in 2019. This journey should be considered through the client’s eyes, from how the customer initially engages in the marketing on offer such as direct mails, testimonials, product reviews or social media activities through to how businesses stay in touch with clients. It's this 360 degree approach that is crucial to ensuring that clients are returning, repurchasing and generating advocacy.


The way a salon engages with customers online will become an increasingly important step in the client journey in 2019. Having a well-designed, content-rich website and making full use of social media channels will continue to be a key way to build relationships with clients and to attract new business.

Nicola Bell, Sales Director


‘Word of mouth’ marketing influenced by peer reviews, social media and engaging, easy to understand content will continue. A digital marketing strategy will be at the centre of all businesses looking for growth in 2019/20. The Millennial generation trust peer reviews more than advertising and 93% bought a product or a service after a friend had recommended it. The interesting thing is that it’s not just Millennials who will look for validation from people they trust. All generations, according to Nielsen Research, are turning to virtual communities for recommendations or advice on all aspects of their lifestyle choices and investments. Video communications will continue as the consumer choice for engaging content and will represent 82% of all web traffic by 2021. Smart, forward thinking companies will think more deeply about what their brand story makes a client think of them and personalise it, rather than ‘mass’ marketing, to better engage with their customers.

Ewa Johnson, Head of Communications UK & Ireland


Employee Experience will be a top trend for 2019. Employees are no longer only people whose data or transactional requirements are to be managed. They are the most powerful advantage any company has over its competitors. If a salon is not only to survive, but flourish, it must attract and retain top talent. The role of Leaders and Human Resources is therefore being reshaped to ensure that they work towards improving an employee's overall experience. It starts with the interactions at the interview stage and remains a focus area until the employee exits. Being a nurturer and ensuring that relationships are built with employees is the new normal for leaders. Giving them the right experience of belonging to a world-class spa or a ground-breaking salon is key for 2019, happy and committed team members are the backbone of a successful business.

Michelle Nolan, HR Business Partner


Technology and the demand it brings is seeing high-tech home care device sales continue to rise. A new class of tech-driven beauty products is empowering consumers to maximise the results of in-salon treatments in their own home. Technology will continue to create more dynamic learning opportunities than ever before and e-learning is gaining ground. With advances in technology and a workforce that is comfortable with learning online, the barriers that used to be there just aren’t as challenging as they once were. E-learning as part of a blended learning approach will be a tool to create rich education experiences for businesses in the future.

Clare Muir, Director of Training


Consumers will continue to look for more targeted nutritional supplements. Sports and weight loss products have been around for a while but in 2019 there will be greater focus on both digestive wellness and skin health so watch for combinations of nutrients that address these conditions.


Probiotics have seen a rise in research. Recent studies have centred around specific strains of bacteria to confer benefits and reduce health risks for colon cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, liver disease, breast cancer, inflammatory conditions, eczema and skin health. Probiotics will appear in both topical and oral skincare products particularly for skin conditions such as eczema and acne, as well as general skin health.


We are starting to understand that nutritional supplements which include combinations of vitamins and minerals are more powerful than single nutrients. It’s a matter of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. This concept of synergy, where vitamins and minerals work together to nourish and promote health, will play a key role in nutritional supplements.

Lorraine Perretta, HR Head of Nutrition


In 2019 the spectrum of makeup trends is looking broader than ever. Consumers will continue their quest for clean ingredients with a strong demand for makeup that not only creates flawless skin but also provides skincare benefits. Social media will continue to be the platform for trend setting and education within the consumer makeup market and brands will need to be proactive in their approach to this fast paced audience. With skin being understated but enhanced with foundation, the importance of priming and setting makeup while maintaining a fresh and radiant finish will be key. Features will be defined with a more natural approach to contouring, with blusher being more prominent than bronzer for a fresh natural finish.

Anushka Patel, Brand Manager for Environ® and jane iredale


Customers make purchasing decisions based on the experience they receive, which ultimately defines whether they’ll return to your business. Online growth is inevitable as consumers continue to make use of this channel for convenience, however those who make the effort to visit their high street will want it to offer something more. Businesses have never put so much focus on their service levels and customer experience as they have today, this trend will continue to develop in 2019. Customers want to interact with employees and have a conversation centred around themselves, they want a personalised service which meets their needs, all before a purchase is even considered. This is a fantastic opportunity for salons to offer a truly special experience for their clients, which will set them apart from the competition and go hand in hand with their online offering.

Gareth Durbridge, Head of Customer Experience